Our USATF-certified course in downtown Oklahoma City runs north from the start / finish just north of 5th Street on Harvey Avenue. through midtown up to 12th Street. Runners will turn left (west) on 12th toward Hudson Avenue where they will turn right (north) and continue through Heritage Hills up to 22nd Street where they will turn right (east). They will then continue to Broadway where they will turn right again (south) and then, you guessed it, right again on 12th Street, follow that back to Harvey Avenue and turn left (south) into the downhill home stretch to the finish.

For more, see the map of the course.


There are a number of parking lots and parking garages within a mile of the start/finish at 5th Street and Harvey Avenue. Nearly all the lots will be open and free on the holiday, but there may be a few pay-to-park facilities as well.

Remember that Harvey Avenue will be closed between 4th and 6th streets before and during the event. Because there are four highways you can take to enter the city, here’s what we recommend for each. If coming to the city from the west on I-40, take the Western Avenue exit into the downtown area. If coming from the east on I-40, take the Robinson Avenue exit. Coming from the north on I-235, you should take the 10th Street or 6th Street exits. Coming from the south on I-235 via I-35, you should take the Harrison Avenue exit.